The Monster/Creature/Hero

SFX Library

The Monster Creature Hero library is the awesome combination of voice acting, sound design, and sound effects, with everything from cuddly creatures to viscious beasts, the library is packed with great sounds for a sound designers use at their disposal. The library features 12 voice actors from around the world, 6 male, and 6 female, each with their own take on being a hero, creature, or a monster. Definitely a must have addition for anyone working on horror, action games, or anything else in fantasy.


- Total of almost 3000 sounds

- 829 Creature Sounds in 31 Folders. Great for non agressive creatures/cute, and cuddly things, both in film and in games. Also includes death sounds for the angry gamers.

- 1291 Monster Sounds - in 41 Folders. For those angry mutants, or raging zombies, Flaming demons, ghosts, and Trolls. Orc warriors, or slime monsters. Great sounds for putting in your production, or using as a base sound to build into your own custom monster sound.

- 862 Hero Sounds - in 18 Folders. Inspired by games, includes sounds for when you need hero sounds, includes all sorts of things for various types of games, including various attacks, hurts, jumps, deaths, laughter, and many others.

-All files are 24-bit 96 kHz

Payment Details

- 25% Of each perchase goes to, to help stop animal cruelty.

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Positive Feedback

- "Definitely one of the most useful libraries i've bought in a long time. I've only had the library a short time, and already have found so many uses for it."

- "I've really enjoyed the fact that all the individual characters have so many different actions. So many times i've found one good monster roar, but had to search to find a death sound that worked with it."

- "You sir are awesome. The Actor's are awesome, this is awesome. Keep making this stuff!"

##NOTICE## - This library is no longer distrubuted on this site, as there was many download errors, and I was unable to upkeep the site. see the Unity asset store to purchase this library. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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