The Midi Factory -

Interface, Menu's, and Retro


Before there was wav files, and sound files, often times retro games used music to create a sound effect. This library was created on that same premise, and adapted to fit a wide variety of sounds that a designer might need. With the added bonus of the included midi files, you can create your own unique version of the sound as well, making this library a very helpful tool for sound designers.


- Total of almost 400 sounds, with included midi files to the corresponding sound.

- 100 interface bleeps, and beeps sounds. Great for anything needing a digital feedback sound.

- Over 160 Menus And Hud sounds, great for game menus, and display sounds for programs, and other devices.

- Almost 130 Retro sounds. Inspired by games from the past.

- Each File is recorded from a 24 bit virtual instrument, in 24-bit 96kHz


- Midi files were created using Sonar, sound files were created using various virtual instruments.

Payment Details

- The Midi Factory - All proceeds above $5 go to Medical Teams International.

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Positive Feedback

- "It's a great library, i've used a couple of the sounds for a space shooter that I was asked to do for an xbox indie game. Thanks again"

- "I got the library to support the donation, but i've actually spent a lot of time playing, and learning with the midi, and testing out how the sounds were made, and picking up a few tricks of my own ;D"


##NOTICE## - This library is no longer distrubuted on this site, as there was many download errors, and I was unable to upkeep the site. see the Unity asset store to purchase this library. Sorry for the inconvenience.


- Affordable Audio 4 Everyone was started in June 2011 by Daniel Gooding. The goal of this site is to provided SFX, with professional quality, and sounds that are unique enough for seasoned professionals to use and enjoy, but at the same time affordable enough for students interested in sound design to be able to purchase. Affordable Audio 4 Everyone donates any purchase over $5 to charities of those in need.