- Sci-fi - Beyond The Nebula -

Anyone looking for some sci-fi sounds for their project have come to the right place. A great mixture of space/futuristic, and odd sounds. Lots of great ambiences for strange locations, as well as interior space ships, and futuristic buildings. Plenty of warp combination pieces, computers, machinery, and others to be worthwhile for many different types of sci-fi settings.


- Total of over 550 sounds.

- 11 Abstract
- 60 Ambience Loops
- 29 Ambient Stingers
- 111 Computers
- 34 Creature Sounds
- 14 Horror
- 32 Hud
- 108 Machinery
- 20 Retro
- 15 Ship
- 106 Warp Sounds
- 25 Whooshes

Payment Details

- Although I put lots of time, and effort into this library, it is available: "pay what you can" with no degrade in quality, or content.

- Sci-Fi - Beyond The Nebula- Proceeds above $5 go to Biological Diversity.org

##NOTICE## - This library is no longer distrubuted on this site, as there was many download errors, and I was unable to upkeep the site. see the Unity asset store to purchase this library. Sorry for the inconvenience.


- Affordable Audio 4 Everyone was started in June 2011 by Daniel Gooding. The goal of this site is to provided SFX, with professional quality, and sounds that are unique enough for seasoned professionals to use and enjoy, but at the same time affordable enough for students interested in sound design to be able to purchase. Affordable Audio 4 Everyone donates any purchase over $5 to charities of those in need.